Get a Sneak Peek of PivotBoss Masters!

Join me Wednesday, March 25 for a live webinar event that will give you a sneak peek of PivotBoss Masters! Now is the time to become the trader you’ve always wanted to become…but seats are limited, so come early!

Masters Sneak Peek

Join me Wednesday, March 25 for a sneak peek of PivotBoss Masters, where I’ll explain my approach, and how it can help any trader, trading any timeframe, and any instrument.

That’s right, all traders, from day traders to casual investors, from stock traders to futures traders, will benefit from PivotBoss Masters…and I’ll explain why and how Wednesday at 5pm at our live event.

“Best Damn Training”

As many of you may know, I’m currently running an unprecedented SPECIAL OFFER for PivotBoss Masters for traders who are looking for the “best damn training any amount of money can buy”!

By the way, those are not my words…that fantastic statement came from a member of PivotBoss Masters. And there’s more where that came from!

Join me Wednesday…it’s going to be fun! Details are below…

Meeting Details

We’ll be using the Join.Me meeting platform for our live event, with details below. Be sure to watch the video, as well, as it provides a quick 2-min tutorial on getting set up with Join.Me.

Event: Get a Sneak Peek of PivotBoss Masters!
Date: March 25, 2015
Time: 5:00pm Central
Meeting ID:

I’m looking forward to seeing you Wednesday!


Frank Ochoa
Author, Secrets of a Pivot Boss

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