Masters Live Training was “Spectacular!”

Thank you to all of the PivotBoss Masters Members who attended our April 2015 3-Day Live Training Sessions this week! I’ve received amazing feedback from those in attendance, and I wanted you to know that all of the sessions were recorded and are currently available for playback!

Thank You!

“Frank, your training and analysis are spectacular! Thank you!” —D.N., new Masters member

I want to pass along a huge THANK YOU! to those of you who attended our PivotBoss Masters Live Training Sessions. I received AMAZING feedback from those who participated, and let me tell you…your energy, passion, and participation was awesome, and really helped steer our training toward some great topics!

Speaking of which…

Training Available On-Demand

If you weren’t able to attend our sessions live, or if you want to re-watch the sessions, all 9 hours of our training is already available for playback at your convenience right from your Masters Dashboard.

Or, CLICK HERE to go directly to the April 2015 Live Training Sessions page.

We covered a wide range of topics in our sessions, including:

  • Pro Price Levels
  • Pro Trade Management
  • Active Trade Management
  • Advanced Footprint Analysis
  • Automated Trading Strategies and Tendencies
  • Advanced Volume Profiling and VPOC Shifts
  • Order Flow Analysis
  • Principles of Price Structure
  • ADR Method
  • PivotBoss Pivots
  • PivotBoss Bands
  • PivotBoss PEMA Method
  • and MORE!

Be sure to check out the training and let me know what you think!

I Want Your Feedback

For those of you who attended the sessions live, or watched the videos on replay, please take the time to fill out a brief survey to provide feedback for the event and to offer suggestions for future education you’d like to see.

I take these surveys very seriously and will be using them to shape your future training, so please give me your thoughts!

Take the survey by clicking HERE.

Again, thank you all very much for another amazing Masters live training event! Big things are coming to Masters in the months ahead, and I’m looking forward to another live training event soon!


Frank Ochoa
Author, Secrets of a Pivot Boss

PivotBoss Masters | Premiere Training for Traders

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