PivotBoss Indicators for NT7 Have Been Posted!

Great News!

PivotBoss Bands and Osc NinjaTrader 7We’ve released the first 4 PivotBoss Indicators for NT7 to the Resource Library at the Masters Dashboard (Click to access the page).

These are the indicators that have been posted:

  • PivotBossBANDS
  • PivotBossADR
  • PivotBossOSC
  • PivotBossPEMA3

I’m super excited to get these onto your platforms! I’ve already got several improvements and enhancements I want to make, but I’ve been VERY happy with them so far. Take them for a spin and let me know what you think!

Masters News

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Frank Ochoa
Trader and Author, Secrets of a Pivot Boss

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